Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have always loved the Olympics! While the Winter Olympics are fun, the Summer Olympics are my total favorite! So when some of you suggested them for my latest download I got right to work!

My TPT store has these two new items. The first download contains 4 different language tasks. The first activity is a Multiple Meaning Words activity. It names provides one word and the students need to provide a definition or use the word in two different sentences.

The second card game is a WH question activity. Students need to correctly read and answer the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN questions to keep their card!

The next game is a synonym game for upper elementary aged students. The students must match the synonyms (ie: achieve/accomplish).

The grammar game included is focused on irregular verbs. Student need to match the girl and boy for each verb.

Each of the card games above comes with a set of medals. If a student draws a medal they earn extra turns depending on the rank of the medal.

The second download is a game that can be used with ANY set of flashcards. I used them with articulation cards, language cards and sight word cards! The game includes cards for 7 different sports. Each sport has a  boy and girl set of gold/silver/bronze metal winners. Place the cards face up in rows across the table. Cover each card with a face-down flashcard. 

As students uncover each card, they must complete the learning task correctly to earn the sport card. If they earn the card, they place it on their podium. At the end of the game, they earn points based on the number of medals they have won. 

Both of these downloads can be found in my TPT store. Thanks for supporting Speech Room News!