Monday, June 4, 2012

Expedition with Plurals App & Giveaway

The Expedition with Plurals app was released May 30, 2012 by The Virtual Speech Center. The app was developed for children with language impairments in grammar skills. The app targets both regular and irregular plurals in both receptive and expressive language tasks.

First add your students into the program. Select the students who will participate this session. For each student, select the type of activity is most appropriate for their learning objectives. Select from auditory bombardment, picture identification, fill-in, sentence creation as well as a memory game. I have found the sentence creation to be the most used part of this app. My students do well with receptive tasks, but struggle to carryover those skills into the expressive tasks. The sentence creation portion provides a picture and asks the student to create a sentence to describe the scene. The app allows students to create an audio recording. This feature is great for teaching self monitoring.  Therapists can select either all regular plurals, all irregular plurals, or mixed. Individual word targets can be selected as well. 

The app is easy to use. Therapists can select multiple activity types creating flexibility within sessions. Data collection can be set to auto-scoring for certain tasks throughout. I appreciate that the therapists can select alternate counts for multiple students. It allows for multiple trials before passing the ipad to the next student in the group setting! Data results are saved within the ipad. They can be emailed with ease.

While the creating sentences was my favorite app feature, the memory game was my students' favorites.The memory game shows pictures of items in singular and plural forms. The students could say a sentence for each card they flipped. 

Considerations before purchasing: The app provides limited flexibility. You can work on general sentence generation with syntax goals, but the app limits the activities you can work on in groups. Therapists won't find this app something they can use with every student all day long. It's likely best suited for those who work with kids preschool - second grade. The app is currently $9.99.

I told the great developers over at The Virtual Speech Center how much you guys LOVE giveaways. So they threw a giveaway! They want to give 3 lucky people a copy of the Expedition with Plurals app! Just head over to their website to enter!