Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CandyLand Articulation

Candy Land is an old favorite of mine. It's just perfect for our non-readers. I can use it in diverse groups and kids are usually familiar with it! During last school year Rachel Arro from Albertville, MN, sent me a set of cards she had made to use with Candy Land for the initial /r/ position! I had also seen Mel's version for sight words and other literacy goal on her TPT store via pinterest! These ladies sparked my creativity!

With some extra time on my hands I decided to make a full set of articulation cards to accompany Candy Land. The card games are broken into different game sets. These include (1) S blends, (2) vocalic /r/, (3) /k/, /g/ and /f/ (4) /s/ /z/ and /l/ and (5) /sh/ /ch/ and /th/. I tried to group them into developmental levels based on my own students. You can mix and match the games as needed.

The cards contain look a like cards with either one square or two containing a target sound in single words. You can increase the complexity of the task by using sentences as appropriate. They also include the 6 special cards.

Each game comes with a title page. I recommend you put them into plastic bags and store them in your game box!

The 6 special cards match my version of the game. There are tons of version of CandyLand, but your kids should be able to make the connections.

The regular cards feature each sound mentioned in both the initial and final position.

You can grab these downloads all in one place on my TPT store! Let me know if you love them or not! If you like them I will make some language based versions!

Just in case you're the only SLP without Candy Land in your closet, you can grab it below using the amazon affiliate link!