Thursday, June 14, 2012

S'more Speech & Language Activities

My first week of summer has been amazing. A weekend at the beach was exactly what I needed. Now I'm back to the grind. I wasn't ready to get back to work - but hopefully the summer will go slow and we can soak up the sun! I made some downloads this week. They are themed around the campfire! I just love s'mores! Grab the freebie and consider purchasing the other items!

S'more Articulation is a FREE game for students practicing the sounds /r/, /th/, /l/ and /s/.

S'more Grammar Games includes a game for both irregular plurals and irregular verb tenses. Each game is themed with the campfire and s'more themes.

 In the irregular verbs game, students create sentences for irregular past, present and future tense of verbs. They must collect all three to make a s'more! 

The irregular plural games is played using a campfire for each student. They take turns drawing marshmallows on a stick. Each stick names the singular form and students need to create a sentence for the plural form.

This download includes 24 cards of s'more themes category cards. Each card includes one category. Students need to name members of that category in order to complete the task.
The download also includes a page of blank cards, allowing you to customize the activity for your students.

Grab the free download as well as the grammar and category download in my TPT store! Thanks for supporting Speech Room News!