Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pop for Blends Review & Giveaway

Pop for Blends is a new game from Learning Resources. Some of the most fun games aren't created directly for SLP's but can easily be adapted from 'reading/writing' games into articultion games! Learning Resources provided me with copy of the game, but the opinions in this review are strictly mine.

The game in it's original form targets begining blends and digraphs. Students are given a spinner and popcorn kernals. They take turns drawing popcorn pieces from the popcorn box, saying as many words as indicated on the spinner. For example if they spin 3 and draw 'bl', they could say 'blue, blanket, black.' Students keep correct cards and seperate 'un-popped' cards (ones they can't complete!) If they draw a 'POP!" card - all their kernals go back into the box!

To use this activity with articulation clients, I first sorted the kernals. I sorted into Sblends, L blends, R blends and 'other.' The 'other' category included digraphs (sh, th, wh) and some other blends (ie: tw). Now I can easily create a game by only selecting certain sounds. For my student this week we played with just S blends and L blends. If I was working with older students working on the /r/ sound, I could use the R blends with the digraphs added as foils.

Pop for Blends retails for $9.99  but Learning Resources wants to give one reader their own copy for free! Just enter in the rafflecopter below. I will select a winner on Monday! Goodluck!

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