Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Camping We Will Go! {Part 1}

I'm prepping my activities for another week of summer literacy camp. I've got SO much good stuff to show you. Some amazing books, apps and crafts. I'm putting those in a post ready for next week! Until them I wanted to show you some little games and activities I came up with for practicing phonological awareness skills. We're targeting a variety of skills including segmenting, blending, rhyme and alliteration.

The document is 33 pages in length. Check out some of these preview shots!

The board game includes BLENDING of syllables and phonemes. 

The alliteration activity asks students to match pictures that have the first beginning sound. 

Syllable segmenting cards can be folded under on the line. Then students can segment the syllables. Check your answers by unfolding and taping each black dot! 

One rhyme matching page in included. 

Phoneme segmenting asks students to identify the individual phonemes in a word. Again the cards can be folded in half to hide answers while students practice. Then check his/her work by unfolding the cards. 

Stay tuned next week for the rest of my camping activities!