Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two "Moore" ways to help OK SLPs

One of the best rewards of starting this Speech and Language Therapy blog is getting to know therapists around the country. The SLP blogging community is booming. Today we are coming together to support our fellow SLPs who lost everything in the Moore, OK. Amy from Major Speech Minor Girl, is helping SLPs around the country, help those who lost everything in Moore, OK.

You might have seen Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook selling big packets to raise money for OK. We wanted to do something specifically for SLPs from SLPs. We've developed two huge bundles for you to purchase. All our proceeds will go directly to Moore, OK SLPs. 

To purchase the bundles you can visit our SLPsCareForOK TpT page. There you will be able to purchase the two separate bundles. They each contain hundreds of pages of therapy materials. They are valued at over $140 each. ((You can find my contribution in bundle #1))

So how big are the bundles? Let's just say that when I purchased them last night..... it took my computer 51 minutes to download just the first file! AMAZING! 

You can also follow along with the exciting updates by liking our SLPs Care for OK Facebook Page!