Thursday, June 27, 2013

Newspaper Companion

Something about summertime just makes it hard to be PREPARED. One day last week, I was driving to my therapy session. I went to grab my water bottle out of my bag and ((WHAT THE HECK)) realized I left it at home. No iPad, no Jumbo Artic Book, no Headbanz game. 

Am I the only one having a flashback to graduate school and the 'you should be able to do therapy with a paperclip' speech?! 

Well, I didn't even have a paperclip with me, so I whipped into the gas station and bought a newspaper. I knew we could get a TON of therapy done with that. I've used kids newpapers and regular newspapers in the past during therapy and they are great motivators for kiddos.

When I got home I added, 'make a newspaper companion pack' to my to-do list. I had a ton of ideas and got started with them. But them I got stuck, so I asked all my blogging buddies for their ideas. You would not believe how smart we are when we all get together! The finished product is something I'm SUPER excited about. Like..... haven't been this excited about something I've made in a while!

Here is a peek inside!

Perspective Taking

Synonym title replacement! 


Understanding humor

These are just a snap shot of the included activities! The full list of included activities: 
Cover Page
Parent Letter
Main Idea
Newscaster retelling
Perspective taking
Most/Least comparing
Current event conversations
Category sorting by type of article
Evaluating Weather
Problem Solving
Multiple Meaning Words
Current event summaries
Sequencing (recipes & comics)
Syntax (finding parts of speech)
Humor, figurative language
Inferencing from titles
Job search matching
Compare/Contrast ads/articles
Persuasive writing
Name the caption
Narrative writing
Inferencing from pictures
Perspective Taking from advice columns
Blank Templates

A simple newspaper can be used with your entire caseload from articulation to life skills with this packet! I've uploaded the product to my TpT store and you can just follow this link to it :) I'll pick two lucky winners to grab their own copy on the rafflecopter below.

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Are newspapers one of you 'go-to' therapy items?