Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Speech Therapy for Apraxia (App Review)

I'm back today with another app review! The app was provided to me in order to review but you'll find all these comments to be my very own! Speech Therapy for Apraxia is an app designed by the National Association for Child Development Team.

The app works on sounds in 8 different groups. These groups are mostly grouped by place and manner of each sound (ie: F/V, P/B/M, etc.) The SLP selects one consonant group to target.

Next select the target level. The app starts at single CV words and nonsense words. The difficulty is then increased while continuing to use CV targets. Each picture can be touched to provide a verbal model.

The price of the app is $4.99, making it a very reasonable choice in the market. The app is only available for ipad on iOS at this time.

Pros: The price is right! Simple to use for parents. I like that the difficulty is labeled 1-8. This makes it easy for parents to use. It's quite obvious that starting at level 1 is the easiest.

Cons: No data tracking. The app only contains CV words making it pretty lacking for a busy SLP with a variety of kids on caseload!

All in all, the app might be most suited for parents of children with apraxia or other severe phonological delays. It's lacking variety of syllable structures and data collection for SLPs.