Monday, June 3, 2013

Speech Corner Reviews

The Speech Corner is a materials company for Speech Language Pathologists. If you’ve been to a state conference lately you’ve probably seen their booth filled with ‘Dot’ and ‘Double Dice’ products. When Rachel reached out and asked if I would like to review some of their products I said a quick ‘yes’! I already have a stack of the ‘Dot’ series on my desk, so I knew their other products would be interesting too!

My box arrived full of Double Dice products. Double Dice products center on the use of a special die that includes a larger plastic 12-sided die with shapes. Inside that outer shell is a numbered 12-sided die. The activities throughout the workbooks and card decks center around this unique dice set. In most game instances of play the child rolls the die and determines which shape is on the outside. They can then use the number inside to determine how many repetitions of that skill to practice.

I was sent a copy of the /l/ and /l/ blends workbook. Here is what is included in the workbook:

·       Reproducible worksheets targeting one, two, and three syllable /l/ words in the initial, medial, and final positions at the word, phrase, sentence, and carry-over levels. It also addresses initial /bl/, /fl/, /gl/, /kl/, /pl/, /sl/, mixed clusters, and challenging ”rl” at the word, phrase, sentence, and carry-over levels.

·       Contains a guidelines for play page, a game variations/suggestions page, certificates, tracking chart, and blank master pages.

·       Includes a unique large twelve sided double dice.

I also tested out some of the card decks that accompany the double dice. My favorite was the inferences deck. Play by spreading out the 9 different shape cards the table. Roll the double dice and determine which shape to uncover. Then listen to the social story and answer the corresponding question.

Pros: As you can see in the picture above the biggest asset to this set is the ability to use it in mixed groups. Each student can work on their own goals using the common tool (the dice). The kids loved it and it was really entertaining but not so entertaining that we didn't get work done! ((It's a fine line you know!))

Cons: I wish there was an articulation book that covered all sounds. It would make it much easier to be prepared for all the kids on my caseload. To cover all my current caseload I would have to purchase about 7 more books! 

The products in this review were provided, although no other compensation was provided. The opinions are solely mine.