Monday, May 21, 2012

Artic Jack in the Box!

Sometimes fun ideas are born out of less than awesome times. This spring, my (amazingly patient) office mate Elaine and I have had a string of colds mixed with some serious allergy issues. That has left us with lots of tissue boxes laying around. Which led me to making an articulation activity out of it! Some kiddos thought it looked like an Artic Jack in the Box and some thought it was more like a magic show gag! Either way we said a ton of words for practice! 

We made these Jack in the Box activities using the Jumbo Webber Articulation book. We taped sheets together in order to get a strand that keeps on going and going! 

I pre cut these sheets into strips of three words with their target sounds. Then the kids taped them end for end as they made of sentences using the 3 words.

Next we folded them accordion style. We repeated the words again to ourselves as we folded the strips!

After we got the strips completed, we put the strip into the tissue box. We tried to say each word, super fast, as we pulled out the strips! It was hard to keep up!

Our strips started getting REALLY long, so we just ran with it! How fun is it to make a strip as tall as my wall!? Of course we had to recite all our words again on the wall!

Who knew we could make some speech fashion! They were long enough to make scarves!