Tuesday, May 15, 2012

StoryLines for Figurative Language

Did you see the great post from The Speech Guy about the app Story Lines? Go over and visit his blog now. After you read his post this one will make more sense! 

He says: "Story Lines is the old fashion game of ‘telephone’ that has been appified with a pictionary twist to it. I have found that its a great tool for teaching that abstract figurative language.  The student has to interpret what the phrase means by analyzing the literal and figuartive interpretation and then has to represent that by drawing it." Sounds amazing right? 

I wanted to use this app and create some idiom cards that my students could pull from. If you had a pack of Idiom cards from Super Duper Inc, those would work perfectly here too (especially because they're illustrated!) I didn't have any so I made these quick ones! I tried to pick idioms that would be manageable to illustrate! You'll want to make sure your students are exposed to the idioms before hand! 

Grab the free download HERE.
Check out the app HERE.