Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's the end of the year! One of the perks for my students at the end of the year is getting to finally pick their own game choice.  Last week a few little guys chose Twister. After I thought for a second this is what we came up with! Twister for artic/phonology students!

We only used the colors on the spinner board for the first part.

Each student chose a color and they needed to cover each of their dots. We spun our spinner board and each said the word multiple trials, before we covered the appropriate dot!

It was 'super fun' as my little guys said.

Our board was big so it gave us a lot of chances to say our good sounds!

We needed to work on some following directions in this group too. So we removed our cards and used our 'jumping feet' to listen for directions. We spun for colors and listened for extra directions like "Jump to blue and clap." My friends were getting very excited, making listening for both directions really difficult!

Any ideas on how you can use Twister in your speech rooms?