Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Articulation Cariboo

Adapting games for therapy is something therapist do all the time! My friend Megan and I have the same favorite game which is Cariboo! Enjoy this guest post by Megan Exner, MA, CCC-SLP, on using the game for articulation therapy.

Cariboo is one of my favorite games to use in therapy sessions. I've had the most stubborn of kids participate in therapy, thanks to this game! However, I rarely use the cards that come with the game. I create insert cards (usually made with Boardmaker) to use, instead! This allows me to change the game depending on the goals my client is working on. 

I use the old Cariboo version, with the bouncy balls. I ordered one online back in grad school, and recently I found one at Salvation Army for a mere $2. It was missing the balls, but a quick trip to Target fixed that. [If you find one that is missing a key, you can use a pencil, end of a paintbrush, etc.]

One easy way to edit the game for use in therapy is to make your own insert cards. Here are a few examples of articulation/phonology cards I've made:

I recommend laminating the cards. It makes it much easier to slide them in quickly before a kid comes for therapy. If you laminate the cards they do get a bit slippery. You might want to just put them on cardstock! Or tape the ones that slip!

I see kids individually in a clinic setting, but you can also adapt the game when working with a group of children with different goals by inserting a mixture selected cards.

I've also created cards to address language goals, including verbs/actions, categories, descriptions, and prepositions. The possibilities are endless! I plan on sharing cards for those targets in the near future, as well. 

Grab your free download here

Thanks Megan! Please note that they don't make this exact version of Cariboo anymore, but you can still find it out there! It's simply the best! I bought 3 this year at Goodwill and the parts added up to two full sets!