Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fluency Tracks

Okay! Have you been waiting for a post on fluency? Think I've been neglecting it? Well I just don't have too many fluency clients! Luckily a SRN follower sent me a super cute idea that I had to share with you! Take it away Connie!

To work on fluency I use Smooth and Bumpy roads . I attended a local State Speech mini session by Susan Felsenfeld PHD. CCC-SLP from Southern Connecticut State University  Her presentation was talking about stuttering and using the Lidcombe program with younger students. She had a set of straight roads to explain smooth and bumpy speech .

My intern and I changed the roads to tracks so we could use the oval to go around and around. We used differnet kinds of pasta and glued them to the road (one child figured out how to drive around the pasta so make sure that the pasta is close together so a toy car can not drive through it .)

 Connie Ziko works in an Elementary School in Connecticut. Her school houses PreK through Grade 4 with students  ages 3 to 10 years old with various communciation needs.