Sunday, May 6, 2012

iLuv Drawing App Giveaway

It has been the week of Following Directions apps! Today's app is a little more light hearted and a fun way to target following directions while tapping into your student's inner artist! It's friendly on the wallet at $1.99, just in case you don't win one of the 10 copies I have to give away! 

This is my self portrait via iLuv Drawing! iLuv Drawing People is a step- by-step guide for creating simple and adorable drawings of babies, moms, dads, families, girls, and boys. The app features twenty-two drawings of people, sixteen of which depict girls and boys in various action poses, such as swinging, dancing, skating, and eating fruit.

First off, your OT will love you for working on those fine motor skills. Look at all those cute people you can draw! The app gives you shadow lines to trace in small portions. To target following directions, I turn the ipad on mute. Then as the shadow lines appear I give a one, two or three step direction. I can add temporal or spatial concepts as they are appropriate for each student's abilities. So for an example I might say, " Before you draw two hands, draw the hair."

Now - of course I never use an app just for one goal or objective. You can work on expressive language too! Let one student give another student directions for how to draw the picture! This is hard and would require your student to give good details about location and ordering!  You can also have the students retell the steps to create the person! You can target pronouns by describing what your person looks like, is wearing or the activity you are doing! 

How else would you use this app?!

Check it out here in the itunes store. Thanks to Technology in Special Education I have 10 copies of this app to give away! Follow the directions to visit their page as part of your entry! Goodluck! I'll pick a winner at the end of the week!

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