Sunday, August 26, 2012

Down the Field; Football Freebie

Are you excited? College football starts this weekend! The Buckeye fans in Ohio certainly are ready for some football fun! Do you live in a city full of football fans?

I have a super cute and super fun freebie to share with you today. Megan Exner, MA, CCC-SLP is sharing her freebie  Down the Field with us!

Down the Field is a reinforcer that you can use with students working on fluency, articulation, language and more! The game is played on this football field.

Students divide into teams and start in their respective end zone! Use the small football players or footballs as markers for each team.

On each turn players pick one of the play cards shown above. Read the card and determine where to move your game piece! If you draw a field goal, you earn 3 points!  Once you make it to the opposite end zone, you earn 6 points.

After you score your touchdown, draw one of the extra point cards and determine if you kicked for one point, or went for two! Head back to your starting position after you score. 

Keep playing until time is up! Use the scoreboard to keep score (laminate and write with a dry erase marker!) Reuse the play cards as you need them!

How cute is that?! You can grab it totally FREE thanks to Megan,  at my TPT store! GO Bucks!