Saturday, August 11, 2012

Plant Your Garden

Plant some flowers while you strengthen your students' receptive language skills. Plant Your Garden is my newest download available on TPT.

Each flower pot has 3 accompanying descriptor words. Students need to find the flowers for each pot. For example the flower pot labeled 'Lemon' goes with the flowers: 'fruit, yellow, sour.'

The flowers have words that include relationships for: part/whole, attributes, descriptors, functions, etc.

The download includes 24 flower pots and 72 flowers.

The activity directions are as follows:

Print all pages. Laminate and cut apart all materials.
Spread out pots across the table.
Have students read the descriptors on the flowers to find right blooms for each pot.
Self check each flower pot by checking for one of each color per pot (orange, pink, yellow)

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