Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vocabulary Development Center {Review & Giveaway}

The folks over at Primary Concepts have let me pick out another great activity to review and giveaway! Since you all loved the Articulation Box, I know you will love the next item I picked!  The Vocabulary Development Center is made up of 200 miniature items in 26 categories.  

Speech Language Pathologists will be able to take this organizer full of items and turn it into hundreds of language lessons! The object organizer comes with labels for 26 different categories (i.e.: pets, vegetables, clothing, etc).  The 200 miniature items are perfect for vocabulary development in preschoolers and early elementary clients. Just make sure you don't have students who mouth items. 

The center also include sorting mats. Four laminated mats are included (mats that sort by 2-5 categories). The items can be used to work on vocabulary, categorization and classification, basic concepts, following directions and story telling. The possibilities are endless! Using concrete items will help our delayed language learners with the vocabulary plus it makes everything more fun! 

The Realia book contains ideas for using the items in language lessons! It contains lesson plans plus story mat scenes. 

Check these out to give you an idea of the lesson ideas! This activity focuses on temporal concepts (first, next, etc).

This example includes ideas and items to use for object/function activities. Also a great way to target verbs! I plan on making copies of these for my parents to keep on the fridge each week! A great way to remind them to be deliberate in how they play with their language delayed children. Of course we can use these items to target articulation as well! A list is included so you can run through the items and pick out the desired sounds!
The Vocabulary Development Center is currently listed for $189.00 on the Primary Concepts website. The very good news is that Primary Concepts is going to give the product to one lucky Speech Room News follower! Enter via the rafflecopter gadget below! 
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