Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Never Ever Circus

The circus is in town! Last week I asked what you would want in your next SRN download. A few of you mentioned negatives. That's when I came up with the Never Ever Circus! When my client and I played, we actually called it the Never Ever Ever Ever EVER circus :) We started by brainstorming items we would never see at the circus. Then we made a list of vocabulary words we knew for the circus. As we played the card game we continued to add words!

Each player starts with a big top circus tent! The tent is surrounded by negative words that are to be used to fill in the blanks on the playing cards!

Game play is done using cards such as the ones above! The students fill in the blank with the correct negative.

Just watch out for the elephant, who might knock down your big top!

The other game gives a sentence where the student needs to add the negative contraction to the helping verb!

There are also two posters included in the packet. One talks about negatives and the other items give information about negative contractions.

Also included in the download are writing prompts. They provide opportunities to practice writing sentences using the negatives!

You can find all these in a packet on TPT. I hope you find it useful! Leave a comment if you download it!