Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Right Bite and Tran-Quill Writing Kit

The therapists over at ARK Therapeutic Services have been busy this summer. They developed some new items and I got another fun box of items to review for you!  First up is the Right Bite, a tool for feeding therapy.

The Right Bite was designed by Jaci Dale, MA, CCC-SLP and developed by ARK. It is a small plastic  tool to provide clinicians and clients with support for feeding therapy. The skills targeted are visually judging food and taking the correct sized bite.

The Right Bite keeps clinicians from having their fingers bitten, encourages correct bite sizes, prevents mouth stuffing and paces the rate of eating to allow for appropriate chewing time. Many objects will fit into the Right Bite, including cookies, crackers, cucumber and apple slices. It can also be used with jaw grading using a variety of textures and sizes of foods to practice opening the jaw appropriately.

Check out this video demonstration to get a better feel for the product! Oh and it's dishwasher safe!

The next products will have your Occupation Therapists excited to co-treat with you!

The first item is the Tran-Quill Writing Set. The kit uses the DnZ-Vibe that I previously reviewed for oral motor work. The vibration in the handle does not actually impact the actual writing, but helps some individuals concentrate. The kit comes with replaceable chewable 'eraser' end that are perfect for our kids who are constantly seeking sensory input. The pencil adapter screws into the DnZ Vibe just like all the oral motor tips, and then the little pencils fit right into the adapter.

Are you dreaming of all the kids on your caseload who need this like I am? Can't wait to collaborate with my OT about which kids will be appropriate for. I can use it when we do either artic or language goals by tying in writing!

Check out the video for more info!

ARK is also featuring their new Butter Grip and Weighted Tip. The Butter grip is designed to promote proper finger positioning during writing tasks. The round shape of the Butter Grip is meant to serve as a tactile cue for the fingers to grasp. It works for both left and right handed individuals. The grip works with the Tran-Quil set reviewed above but also works with most standard pencils and pens.

The Weighted Tip is designed to attach to the top of ARK's aluminum handles (pencil or pen). The weighted tip gives increased sensory awareness to the hand during fine motor activities. The extra weight is intended to help with stabilization, concentration, speed, strength and grip.

Check out these and all the other fine motor tools on ARK's website. What an easy way to help your OT's carryover those skills!