Monday, August 20, 2012

Talk Bar Review and Giveaway

My low tech AAC devices are some of my most used therapy tools in the preschool population. They provide great support for all kids and can be used to make language lessons more interactive. In my class I have had many one and two switch items but I was excited to use a new item with a few more options. This is exactly what I found when I was given the Talk Bar to test out from Learning Resources.

The Talk Bar is a 6 button electronic device. Each button can record 10 seconds of audio. 

What I love: The buttons are big - so my kids with poor motor control can easily operate it! The record function is easy to work. The power button slides between play/record/off. This will make it great to leave in classrooms where paraprofessionals and teachers can easily change out recordings without needed assistance. The other positive I see for the Talk Bar, is that it's will be perfect for story sequencing. I can't wait to have the kids work out sequences and then have them record each part. So many of my little guys can sequence pictures but can't verbalize those steps. 

What I don't love: It's bulky. Although the unit it light, it is long and can't be easily thrown in my work back to move from building to building. I don't think it will replace my iPad for those traveling days. 

So here's how I used it so far this summer! I brought out my client's favorite game: Don't Break the Ice. On my iPad I opened Custom Boards and made inserts for the game (ice, hammer, help, my turn, your turn.) Then I programmed the Talk Bar. We used it to play the game. My client clicked on the appropriate picture and then he attempted to repeat the phrase himself.

The other uses are pretty much endless! Following directions, AAC, sequencing, games, story creation,  and more. You can even mount it to the wall (it comes with predrilled holes!)

The Talk Bar retails for $59.99. Learning Resources is going to give one reader their very own Talk Bar! Enter via rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure Statement: Learning Resources provided two free products. One for review and one for a giveaway winner. No other compensation was provided. Opinions listed are only mine.