Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SLP 101: Learning Targets {with Freebie}

I'm back with another session in the SLP 101 series! Today's post is all about learning targets. More than likely your school building has adopted learning targets as a building so these are nothing new to you! 

Learning targets make a ton of sense. Your students should definitely know what they are working on when they come to you. If you're building is already doing 'I can' statements it's an easy carryover to the speech room. 

This year I made a simple sheet that lists an 'I can' statement for most of the areas we are working on. 

This is the bulletin board in my office. 

Then each student made their own sheet with their specific goals. 

This my board before the year started. 

This is where we posted all of our goals! 

I posted these documents as a freebie on my TeachersPayTeachers site! Just make sure you select 'follow me' while you're there! 

Do you use I can statements? How else do you have your student's know their speech and language goals?