Monday, September 2, 2013

Speech Room Decorating!

When I chatted with SLP friends over the summer, many of them asked: "Have you seen your new office yet?" I know why it's so important! That office is where we spend a ton of our time! While I technically have 3 offices in my 3 buildings, my elementary building is 'home base'. I thought I'd share it with you today.

Ta-da! The room is smaller than my last office so getting all my 'stuff'' in there has been a challenge.

Of course if you follow me on Instagram, you know that the first time I saw the office the piano was in here! Luckily that was moved after the last floors were waxed! 

It was a slow process. Here's the first half of stuff moved in! 

Getting a little better! 

Once I saw my caseload and office I knew I would have many friends distracted by the things in my office. I have a large number of children with Autism or ADHD. So off to Hobby Lobby I went! I grabbed yellow and grey (I am just missing the chevron in this picture!) I don't have room to put up a cute bulletin board display like I did last year so I just picked colors I liked. 

I don't sew and I was too lazy to buy the iron-on instant hemming materials. So I just used double sided tape to hem my fabric. I added velcro to make them easy to access. 

You can see my desk in this corner. A filing cabinet that needs a makeover from it's ugly green color. I will tackle that later! The stacked shelves have all my books and some materials. I grabbed that yellow pillow off my couch at home to make my chair more comfortable! The yellow and grey chevron frame above my desk is from HobbyLobby and it's magnetic. That pig is a hilarious hat I got from Goodwill. 

Here is a peek behind the curtain. The 3 bins at the bottom contain materials (artic, language and grammar.) I put a lot of my more miscellaneous TPT items here. 

No room for a coat in here! Full of games and materials on the right side. Assessment materials are located on the left side. 

This door goes into the psychologist's office. 

In the corner you can see my stack of crates that include my themed materials found on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have them in seasonal order in gallon ziplock bags in hanging file folders. The bulletin board has our Speech and Language Learning Targets! (To be shared in a post soon.)

After I snapped these pictures I needed to add fluency posters for a few kiddos. I added these from the Focus on Fluency Kit. 

This wall has my WH question visuals. I got them on a while ago. It also has library pockets with each student's name on it. More about what we are doing with those in the future! They are behind the door when it's propped open on purpose :) Keeping those distracted friends from seeing them everyday. And a hook behind the door for my purse and lunch box! 

I'm using a cloth bin on the floor to store my daily materials. It has my clipboard with schedule, materials for the daily groups, and working files for my groups. 

That's the grand tour! Hope you enjoyed the peek inside! If you're decorating you room make sure you post it on instagram and use #speechroomnews so I can look at it!