Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SLP 101: Working Folders

During my first few segments in the 'SLP 101' series, I've mentioned 'Working Folders'. I thought I'd explain what that means to me! I actually have 3 different systems this year because I'm in 3 buildings with different needs.

I have regular student files that stayed filed in the filing cabinet. I also need another folder for my groups so that I can easily keep organized. For my elementary students I use a file folder for each group. I made up an example so I could show you! I put my attendance sheet stapled to the left hand side.  You can find my data sheet for each student included in this packet.

In the file I keep these Student Information Sheets from my friend Amy at Major Speech Minor Girl. 

I also keep the file review sheets I completed at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year as I get to know my students better, I will add packets of homework to easily pull from. 
At the middle school, I have a bit of a different system. I use binders because I travel out of my room! 

In the front I keep my daily schedule and my caseload sorted by IEP Due Date and ETR Due Date. 

That's the teacher list on the left side (still trying to learn names!) and each student has a divider with a pocket. The binders are divided by what time of day I see the students (am/pm). 

Lastly at my last school, I don't have a lot of my own 'space'. I'm using this accordion file from Target. 

Each student has a file space within it! 

PS - It happens to match my cup, which makes me happy! 

So, those are my different systems this year! It's always changing! Do you use anything similar?!