Thursday, September 5, 2013

SLP 101: Scheduling

I'm back with another post in my SLP 101 series. This series is meant to get you started if you're new to the field or moving to the schools from another location. I'm hoping these tips and tricks for getting started are helpful. We've done SLP 101 for interviewing and salariesgetting you started, welcome letters and attendance and today we're tackling scheduling! Scheduling for speech language pathology can be a dreaded event and I haven't found the solution to make it work perfectly each year!

Before you start to schedule you'll need to gather the other schedules for your building. This includes building lunch and recess schedules. You'll need each teacher's weekly schedule. You'll also need your intervention specialists schedules. Check with OT, PT, Reading Specialists and ESL teachers for their schedules as well. Once you have everyone's schedule's you will be able to work on yours! 

I start by making a grid on a large file folder. I can adjust the times on the side of the folder as needed to meet teacher's schedules. You can see that I'm in this building for 2 and 1/2 days. I always try to schedule some 'testing time' and it helps if I go ahead and make post-it notes for those before I start. 

As you can see, I've erased some times and re-arranged because that perfect 'every half hour' schedule never seems to work out. Above is an example of what I write on my post-it. I put their grade and names. I start by making my first try for a schedule. Then I go to each teacher and let them give me feedback. 

Once I'm finished I put it into an excel sheet so that I can easily change it as the year goes. I gave you a blurry picture since I didn't want any of my kiddos' names to show! 

At the middle school, I pull each student's schedule and then start by asking the Intervention Specialists when she thinks the best time to pull the student might be. With fewer students it seems to be a bit easier to schedule.

I've heard it done many different ways, but that is what works best for me!

Danielle from Sublime Speech made this hilarious e card that about sums it up! How do you complete scheduling? Is it a hassle or do you have flexible staff?

Next  up in my SLP 101 features, I'll share my 'working folders'.