Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears: Book companion

Ready for another book unit? I've updated my Goldilocks story, which I usually do in January after my Polar Bear, Polar Bear Unit! This unit is a companion pack for the preschool - k population.

The packet is 55 pages and includes the following:

Which Doesn’t Belong?: Scan the pictures and determine which picture does not belong.

Following Directions: Follow the one-step directions from the story.

Story Sequencing: Sequence the part of the story.

Comprehension: After reading the book have your students answer the comprehension questions.

Possessive Pronouns: Use the sentence strips included to help students sort story items using possessive pronouns (his/hers/theirs.)

Comparatives & Superlatives/Size Sorting: Use the size sorting mats to work on sorting pictures by size. Label each item as you add it to the sorting mat.

Same/Different: Print one worksheet for each student. Have them circle the items that are the same or different. Encourage students to describe salient attributes.

Pronouns, Possessives, & Verbs: Students should take turns pulling bed cards. Children create a sentence to describe the image. Work on pronouns, action words, and describing.

Initial Sound Sort: Target phonological awareness by working on your student’s ability to identify the first sound in words. Cut out the images and match them to the beginning sound of the character (/g/ for goldilocks, /b/ for baby bear, /m/ for mama bear and /p/ for papa bear.)

Rhyming/Vocab: Use the following pictures to identify vocabulary or have children develop rhyming words.

Gummy Bear Color Sorting/Concept Words: Use a bag of gummy bears. Have the student sort by colors onto the circles. Talk about which colors there are MORE of and LESS of. Which color has MOST? LEAST? Which one is your favorite?

Game Board/Manipulatives: Use the game board as a general reinforcer for any learning skills. Use your own doll house furniture to reenact the story! 

Grab this download in my TPT store! Let me know if you like it!