Sunday, December 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Receptive/Expressive Language

No need for you to do any plans for February. I've got them all ready for you! Print and go! 

Expressive Language for Valentine's Day is a packet with 4 activities and a game board. The document is 35 pages and available in my TPT Store. Here's a sneak peek. 

Puppy Love: Asking Questions (48 cards) Students play the game by drawing the cards. Each contains an answer. The student needs to develop an appropriate question to match that answer. If they answer correctly the students keep their card. Watch out for special cards! 

Robot iLove: Comparing & Contrasting (24 cards) Print each robot card. When students draw a card, have them describe how the two items are the same and how they are different. 

I Stinkin’ Love You: Retelling Familiar Sequences: (24 cards) Students pull a sequencing card. Read the card and identify the steps to complete the sequence. If they keep it, they can store it on their Valentine Box. 

 ‘Toad’ally in Love: Multiple Meaning Words: (27 cards) Place all frogs in a pile. Have student draw a card and give two meanings for the given word. If they answer correctly the students keep their card and place it on their lily pad. 

The Receptive Language Valentine's Day set is 35 pages in length and features 3 different activities. 

Love Bug: WH Questions (48 cards) Students play the game by drawing the bug cards. Each contains a question. The student needs to answer the question to keep the card. Watch out for the special ‘love sick’ cards!

Puppy Love: Following Directions (36 cards) Print all cards and enough scenes for each student. Students draw direction cards. If they complete the task correctly, they place it on their scene. Many of the directions should just be acted out. If they draw a special card, take an extra turn or put all cards back, as determined by the card.

Guppy Love: Comprehension (24 cards) On each turn, have the students draw one bowl task card. This will determine which skill to target (main idea, prediction, recalling details, character, setting.) Have the student draw one guppy card. Read the paragraph to the student and have them answer the appropriate questions.

Both sets also include the generic game board for play with the card sets!

Find them in my TPT store here: Receptive & Expressive

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