Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood: Book Companion

Oh My! What big eyes you have! All the better to take a PEEK at my newest unit! 

The second in my set of fairy tale speech and language companions is Little Red Riding Hood! There are so many versions and ending to LRRH! I tried to make the companion work for a few alternate endings! Either the wolf falling out the window, or the wood cutter chopping him open! 

The document is 49 pages in length! You can find it on TPT. Here's a sneak peek of each different section! 

Story Sequencing: Sequence the parts of the story.

Character Descriptions/Pronouns: Look at the character on the page. Develop sentences to describe that character using the correct pronoun. Use the page with blank circle to draw descriptions or the page with lines for students who can write. 

Story Retelling Worksheets: Use the following worksheets to help student retell the story highlighting ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’. Two pages are provided for student to write or draw.

Barrier Games: Print two of each page. Set up barriers between two students. Take turns giving directions about how to set up the scene. Target vocabulary, sentence development, and following directions. 

Size Sequencing: Sort the following pictures by size. Use comparatives and superlatives to describe the pictures. 

Game Board: Use the following game board as a reinforcer activity with any learning target. Just watch out for the wolf! If you land on the wolf, go back to the beginning.

Category Sorting: Cut apart the baskets and small squares. Sort the pictures into the correct category basket. 

Articulation Roll & Uncover: Print one game board and set of numbers for each student. Leave the characters page whole, but cut apart the cover numbers. Each student should cover their board with numbers 1-9. Students should take turns rolling a set of dice. They should say their articulation word that many times. Then uncover that card on the board. The first student to roll 1-9 is the winner. 

Basic Concepts: Identify the following basic concepts. 

Comprehension: After reading the book, Little Red Riding Hood, have your students 
answer the following comprehension questions. 

 Articulation Homework Print one sheet for each student. List articulation words for practice in the big rectangles. Say each word 5 times, placing a check mark in each small box.
You can find it on TPT! Let me know what you think!