Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sheep In a Jeep Speech and Language

Sheep in the Jeep, by Nancy E. Shaw, is a favorite in my literature based speech and language circle time. The kids listen for the great rhyming words and yell out the words they hear. {SHEEP, JEEP, STEAP, WEEP!}

This literature unit is meant to accompany the use of the book during speech and language instruction for preschool and early elementary aged students. 

The document is 25 pages in length and can be found in my TPT Store. 


Story Sequencing: Sequence the parts of the story. 

Following Directions: Follow the one-step directions from the story. Use the full sheets to send as homework. 

Initial Sound Sort: Target phonological awareness by working on your student’s ability to identify the first sound in words. Cut out the images and match them to the beginning sound 

Rhyming: Use the following pictures to identify vocabulary or have children develop rhyming words. 

Comprehension: After reading the book, have your students answer the comprehension questions. 

SH Articulation: Use the sheep card to practice 
/sh/ in the initial and final position of words. Have your students draw the SH words on the big sheep.