Friday, December 28, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech & Language Activities

Are you looking at your January calendar yet? Martin Luther King Jr. Day is quickly approaching so I looked back at what I did last year. I've added some cause/effect activities and put cute graphics into it so I could share it with you! 

My new MLK Jr. unit is 33 pages in length. The unti is appropriate for students grade 1-8. It's perfect for MLK day this year in January. Find it here in my TPT site. 

Last year I posted a bunch of links and a freebie craft activity. You can grab those it here

The videos I used last year are found here: 

After the videos we had discussions and worked on WH questions, comprehension, reasoning etc. 

This year I also added a new book to my lesson. It's called "Martin's Big Words." I LOVE the book. If you're looking for one I would recommend it! Find it here on Amazon. You can even use this great youtube video! 

 My unit goes great with the book but works totally on its own too! 

Here's a peek at my unit. 

Cause/Effect: Cut apart the cause and effect cards. Match the cause with the effect. Use the blank cards to develop your own cause/effect cards. 

Use the included sheet to develop your own 'dream'. What could be the effect of your dream?
List 3 possible effects if your dream came true.

Character Webs: Use these graphic organizers to describe MLK. Use adjectives and tier 2 vocabulary. 

Vocabulary: Match these synonyms and antonyms cards.

Sequencing: Use these cards with dates and civil rights activities. Have your students sequence the events and then retell (or write) a sequential review. 

Verbs: Read the sentences on the cards. Identify the verb. Change the verb sentences to the past tense. 

I have a dream: Use the document to develop your own dream. Then create picket signs to go along with that activity. Use the ipad or your phone to let the students video themselves explaining their dream. Great for carryover of skills!