Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Mitten: Preschool Unit

The Mitten by Jan Brett, is one of my favorite winter stories. This year when I pulled out my packet, I thought it was significantly lacking. So when I saw the awesome clipart Cheri used for her (awesome!) school aged Mitten packet I bought it for myself! This is the preschool unit I came up with.

The packet is 45 pages and incudes a variety of activities to use along with Jan Brett's The Mitten.

Pages 3-8: Object Functions: Mitten pictures include one picture. Have student describe the functions of that object. They can also list other attributes.  40 cards.

Pages 9-12: Associations: Match each set of association mittens. Have the student explain how the words are related. 24 cards.

Pages 13-19: Pronouns & Verbs: Draw cards and have students develop a sentence using a pronoun & verb. A set of reference cards for each subjective pronoun is included. 40 cards.

Pages 20-23: Comprehension: After reading the book, have your students answer the comprehension questions. 18 cards.

Pages 24-26: Sequencing: After reading the book, have your students sequence the picture cards. 11 cards.

Pages 27-35: Basic Concepts: Use the cards to have students identify/name basic spatial concepts. Complete a small/big sorting activity with animal pictures and sorting mats. 20 cards, 2 Sorting mats, 20 size cards.

Pages 36-37: Comparatives & Superlatives: Sequence the pictures and identify big, bigger, biggest. 6 cards.

Page 38: Blank Mittens: Color and draw on the mittens or use them to write articulation words for homework.

Page 39: Cut and Glue Activity: Cut out the characters and glue them onto the mitten. Retell the story throughout the activity.

Page 40-43: Puppets: Take each animal and attach it to a tongue depressor. Use each picture to act out the story. Use verbs and descriptors to talk about how each animal moves into the mitten. 11 pictures. I bring a pillowcase to use as our 'mitten' when we act this out!

Pages 44-45: Extras: Use the ‘Uh-oh’ cards with any of the sets to make the activity into a game. Use the blank cards to develop your own mitten activities.

You can grab this document for purchase in my TPT store.

Other ways I use the book:

Bring a box of winter clothes (including mittens) and let your students take turns 'dressing the SLP' work on following directions and basic concepts! (Put the hat on my foot.)

Bring a mitten and hide objects inside. Work on listening skills and inferencing by giving the preschool group clues about what is hidden in your mitten!

Do you read The Mitten? What's your favorite activity?