Friday, January 4, 2013

Brown Bear, Brown Bear {Preschool Book Companions}

If you were hanging out for a while, you might have seen my previous Brown Bear, Brown Bear post.  This book is awesome for preschool students. I wanted to be able to share some of my activities with you as an instant download, so I grabbed some super cute clipart and made this book companion unit. 

The document is 82 pages in length. I know that's hefty! I hope everything you find it in will help you with your caseload. A lot of the pages are black and white which is decrease the color printing and increase your student's interaction. 

Check out a sneak peek at the 17 different activities included in the packet! 

Adapted Circle Idea: Use low-tech AAC devices to target sound discrimination and allow minimally verbal students to participate during circle time. Prediction Prompts: Pre-reading question prompts.

Sequencing: Cut and glue to complete the story sequence.

 Comprehension: Answer yes/no questions about the animals.

Bingo: Play Bingo to work on a variety of speech and language objectives (examples provided.)

Basic Concepts: Use the cards to have students identify/name basic spatial concepts.

Category Sorting:  Cut apart the small pictures. Have students sort the items by color onto the sorting mats.

 Color Sorting:  Sort the animals from the story onto the given sorting mats.

Articulation: Do-A-Dot reinforcer sheet and homework page.

Felt Board/Puppet Cutouts: Make story pieces for retell. Add popsicle sticks to make puppets. Add velcro to the back of each picture to make them felt board pieces.

Phonological Awareness: Counting syllables and initial sound worksheets. Answer sheet included for independent work.

Sentence Strips: Use each sentence strip for students working on sentence generation or articulation in sentences. Use any other picture card in the packet to fill in the animals.

 Game Boards: Use this generic game board with dice and markers. Use any speech or language fun deck of cards. Help the students find their teacher.

Color Book: Give each student one book and one set of directions. Have the student follow the directions for coloring each animal. When they are finished, assemble the book and staple.

Story Telling Mat: Let the child use the included mat to retell the story.

Verb Bears: Give each student one cave to keep their bears on. During their turn the student should pull a card. If they get a bear, create a sentence (ex: He is running.) If they draw  paw prints, their bears ran away and should put all the cards back.

Part-Whole Matching: Cut apart and mix up pieces. Let students match up the animals to its corresponding parts. 

You can grab the document here on my TPT store! Let me know what you think!