Thursday, January 3, 2013

Three Little Pigs Preschool Book Companion

  • The Three Little Pigs is my next set in my Fairy Tales Preschool Book Companions. It is 67 pages in length and can be used for preschool to first grade students. 

    I've upload pictures of each of the documents so you can get a full preview before you purchase! 

     Reinforcer Game: Students must match all the pictures on their mat to win the game. Use with any learning target.

  •  Dear Mama Pig: Have your students draw or write a letter to their mama pig, pretending to be one of the pigs. Explain what happened to the 3 little pigs and their houses.

  •  Following Directions: Follow the one-step directions from the story.

  • Story Sequencing: Sequence the parts of the story.

  • Top, Middle, Bottom: Cut apart the pictures into 3 parts (on the black lines.) Scramble the pictures and have the students put them back together. Place emphasis on TOP/MIDDLE/BOTTOM.

  • Comprehension: After reading the book have your students answer the comprehension questions.

  • Same/Different: Print one worksheet for each student. Have them circle the items that are the same or
    different. Encourage students to describe salient attributes.

  •  Describing 3 Houses: Sort the pictures into the correct columns. Have the student give one more detail to describe the house.

  • Plurals: Print each card. Students can draw cards to find matches. Use the included sentence strip to expand student responses into 3 word sentences.

  • Barrier Game: Print two of each page. Set up barriers between two students. Take turns giving directions about how to set up the scene. Target vocabulary, sentence development, and following directions.

  • Character Descriptions/Pronouns: Look at the character on the page. Develop sentences to describe that character/building using the correct pronoun. Use the page with blank circle to draw or write descriptions

    Comparing The 3 Little Pigs & Little Red Riding Hood: Use the following Venn diagrams to compare the 2 stories. The second chart provides more visual support of the similarities.

  • Beginning Letter Sounds: Have the students identify the picture. Then have them say the first sound in the word and then circle the correlated letter.

  •  Game Board: Use the game board as a general reinforcer for any learning skills. 

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