Sunday, January 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Receptive Language

I absolutely LOVE creating theses seasonal packets. It's making my life so much easier!  I just store these in gallon ziplock bags, next to my table and they are ready to grab for therapy the entire month! I listened to your Facebook feedback and developed this receptive language packet with a few new additions! 

The packet is 56 pages featuring 5 activities. Listening Comprehension, Categories, WH Questions, Synonyms & Antonyms, Following Temporal Directions. 

•  Little Green Monster: Comprehension (24 cards) On each turn, have the students draw one task card. This will determine which skill to target (main idea, prediction, recalling details, character, setting.) Have the student draw one monster card. Read the paragraph to the student and have them answer the appropriate questions.

•  Who Burnt ‘Em?: WH Questions (48 cards) Students play the game by drawing the cupcake cards. Each contains a question. The student needs to answer the question to keep the card. Sort the cards onto the correct wrapper based on the type of question. Watch out for the burnt cupcake pans!

•  Whoot Before You Holler: Following Temporal Directions (24 cards) Print all cards and enough trees for each student. Students draw direction cards. If they complete the task correctly, they place it on their scene. If they draw a special card, take an extra turn or put all cards back, as determined by the card.

•  Pot ‘O Gold: Categories (18 categories, 54 category members) Print all cards. Let student sort the gold coin cards into the correct pot based on categories. Homework sheet included.

•  Chatty Monsters: Synonyms & Antonyms Levels 1 & 2: (48 cards) You won’t believe what’s living in your bath tub! Chatty Monsters! These monsters escaped and need to find their way back home to the right bathtub. Help sort them by reading the words on each card and deciding if the given words are synonyms or antonyms. Then sort the cards. Just watch out for the leprechauns who want to steal all your monsters!

•  St. Patty Board Game: Use this game board as an accompaniment to any activity included in the set. 

You can grab this packet in my TPT Store! Hopefully you can use it for the entire month of March like I will! 

Just to say you shamROCK, I'll giveaway a copy of this document to someone who comments below!