Thursday, January 3, 2013

Language Empires {App Review}

Language Empire is the latest Smarty Ears app. It was released 1/2/13. Open Language Empires and start with the tutorial, where Barbara will lead you through the app and it's features. The quick play option allows you to jump directly to questions without setting up players to keep data.

 Click on 'Visit The City' and add students and their pictures or avatars. The game allows for 1 to 5 players at one time. Use the settings to pick details for game play such as whether writing is included and the type of feedback for wrong answers. Click next to move to the next page.

Next select your learning targets. Look at the 8 different empires, which represent different learning targets. Drag your players to the empires on the map. Players can be placed in multiple empires for multiple types of learning targets in one game.

 Answer questions given multiple choice answers for each skill. The following 8 skills are targeted:

How Questions

Figurative Language




Which Questions


Why Questions

When you're done playing click on the done button in the top right corner. Tap on the students pictures to see detailed data. Click on share and email the data to yourself. You can also see any 'awards' won throughout the game.

So what's the bottom line?

Cons: In the app the questions are read to the students. I wish the answers were read aloud as well, because I will need to read the answers to most of my students. It's hard to read upside down at my kidney table! The only other thing I wish I could change about the app is the backgrounds. Even to my neurotypical adult brain some of the backgrounds are busy and distracting. I like the backgrounds for 'sequencing' and 'vocabulary' but the 'predicting' and 'which questions' backgrounds have a lot of pattern which will be distracting for some of my little guys.

Pros: The  constant struggle for a school based SLP is group management and addressing individualized IEP goals for each student.  Language Empires provides a solution, with 8 frequently addressed language skills. With this one app I can work on goals for each student in a group. Way to go Smarty Ears! I would recommend this app to school based SLPs.

The app is currently priced at $19.99, a special introductory price. The app price will move to full price ($29.99) on 1/10/13.

Disclosure Statement: Smarty Ears provided me with a copy of this app in order to complete the review. No other compensation was provided.