Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice Carving: Describing Attributes

How's the weather in your neck of the words? While we've had snow, my students definitely don't know much about Ice Carving. This week I pulled out the ipad and showed them this YouTube video about Ice Carving. ((I did stop the video right before the end because, Martha Stewart who narrates the movie, mentions cocktails at the party.)) They were HOOKED!

I'm also really excited to tell you about a new partnership! Speech Room News products will now often include Smarty Symbols, by Smarty Ears. What does that mean for you? Better pictures. Clearer products. Higher quality purchases. Smarty Symbols is a library of over 13,000 symbols. It's available for app developers to use in their apps. I'm really excited that Barbara is letting me use them in my products. Check out the images below and stay tuned for another new item tomorrow! You will mostly see them in articulation activities, but today's entire activity comes from their symbol sets!

Ice Carving: Describing Attributes features 42 pages of activities to boost your students receptive and expressive language activities.

Start with this  "You're Hired" letter explaining how your students have been hired to help with the annual Winter Ice Festival! They need to do receptive/expressive describing tasks to earn sculptures. 

Introduce the describing skills using the poster. Student will need to gather all the materials in order to carve an ice sculpture. This includes: gloves, ice chest, ice blocks, protective glasses, and carving tools. 

For the Receptive Describing portion of the activity,  students need to match the descriptions to the given item. Once they match all 5 descriptions, they earn a sculpture! 

For the Expressive Describing activity, students are shown one item. They need to describe that item in 5 different ways, using the cues on the card. 

Student record the amount of descriptions they made for each item on this score sheet. 

You can grab this activity in my TPT store. I hope you'll leave feedback if you grab it!