Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year Speech Mobiles

Just popping in to share my preschool craftivity for the day. First go grab this freebie download on TPT from Mr. Hughes.  He made it for his older students, but I reworked it for preschool speech and language intervention.

One side of the mobile has the student's name and the year 2013. 

The other side had space for kids to write about resolutions and goals. Needless to say that won't work for my preschoolers, so I covered that information before I made copies. Then we worked on drawing pictures of activities with our sound that we did last year, writing words with our sounds, and picking 3 important words to work on. 

I meant to grab a picture of all of them hanging in the hallway. I'll grab one tomorrow and add it to this post, but wanted to get it up in case you need something to do with your preschool friends this week! 

Happy Speeching!