Tuesday, January 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Articulation Packets

Just popping in to show you a few new articulation packets in my TPT Store. These are the sets I will use all during March for St. Patrick's Day! 

My articulation packets are split by 'later sounds' and 'earlier sounds'.  Let's start with the later sounds packet. The huge packets includes 75 pages of articulation card games (hint: print them half size to save ink!) This later sounds pack features 384 color pictures, using smarty symbols, for S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, R, S blends, L blends. There are 12 cards in the initial, medial and final position for each sound. The R sound includes 12 prevocalic, and 12 of each vocalic /r/ sound in mixed positions. 

Check out these sneak peek pictures: 

The 'Earlier Sounds' packet features initial and final positions of P,B,M,K,G,T,D,F. The packet is 40 pages with 192 color pictures using Smarty Symbols. 

You can find both packets in my TPT Store. Early Sounds here and Later Sounds here.