Saturday, January 26, 2013

Expressive Language for St. Patty!

I feel like I've been working on this packet forever! So I'm happy to introduce my Expressive Language activities with the St. Patty's theme. If you haven't used my activities before, let me  explain a little! I create a few packets full of activities that I can adapt and use with almost all of my k-5 students. This is my 'lesson planning' for the month of March (with the receptive/grammar packets!) I hope they save you time and energy if you need them! 

  The packet is 41 pages featuring 4 activities: Asking Questions, Comparing & Contrasting, Retelling Familiar Sequences and Attributes/Describing. 

Developed for use in speech therapy by speech-language pathologist. THis packet is also great for literacy center and parents working on carryover. 

Who Burnt ‘Em?: Asking Questions: (48 cards) Students play the game by drawing the cards. Each contains an answer. The students need to develop an appropriate question to match that answer. If they answer correctly the students keep their card. Watch out for special cards! 

Weee ‘Lil Monsters: Comparing & Contrasting (24 cards) Print each robot card. When students draw a card, have them describe how the two items are the same and how they are different.

Over the Rainbow: Retelling Familiar Sequences: (24 cards)Students pull a sequencing card. Read the card and identify the steps to complete the sequence. If they retell the sequence correctly they may keep the card. If they keep it, they can store it on their leprechaun mat

Four Leaf Attributes: (30 matching, 15 expressive cards) Use the matching and expressive cards to describe the given objects. 3 ways to play included! 

St. Patty Board Game: Use this game board as an accompaniment to any activity included in the set.

You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teacher store. 

Leave a comment below and I'll pick a random winner to get a free copy!