Sunday, March 3, 2013

Give a Mouse A Cookie {version 2.0}

Last year I showed you my Give a Mouse a Cookie Unit. This year when I pulled it out to use it, I needed to make a few additions to fit my caseload! I thought I'd make them available for you too!

If you don't have this book yet, click on over to Amazon and grab it! 

The packet is 37 pages long and targets preschool activities as a book companion for preschool speech and language students. 

 Sequencing: Cut apart pictures on page 3 and have students sort them in order onto page 4. Make it easier by pre-sorting some of the pictures.

 Game Board: Use as a reinforcer for any learning target.

 Yes/no questions: 18 yes/no questions with picture cues.

 Cause/Effect: Use page 9 as a sorting mat. Have students identify the cause/effect that match and sort them onto the board. If students are able, have them create if/then sentences (ie: If the grass is long, then mow it.)

 Writing: Have the student write or draw what the mouse might need.

Object Function Bingo: Use the given calling cards with listed functions that match objects on the cards.

Pronoun Cookies: Cut out all cookies and place on the large cookie jar. Read the poem and pull one card. off the jar. Match the cookie type to the owner of the cookie. For example: If you draw a star cookie it belongs to Mrs. Puppy. Create a sentence for the item on the cookie: “She has an umbrella”. or “This is her umbrella” Use the included sentence strips as visual aids.

Verb Cookies: Cut out all cookies and place them on the large cookie jar. Read the poem and then pull out one cookie. Have the student identify the verb. He/she may keep it if produced correctly.

 Communication Board: Use with students as a reference when retelling or as a communication board for minimally verbal students.

Reinforcer Game: Use the generic game for students working on any skill. Place the cards in a jar or similar canister and. have the students pull out cookies, say their learning target the # of times indicated (articulation words, sentences, verbs etc.). and then keep the card as points. . If they draw a mouse, put all cards back. The student with the most cards is the game winner. Combine with the included game board if desired.

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 I'll give away one copy to someone who comments below with some feedback! Thanks!