Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tap Roulette

Yesterday, I wrote a guest post over at The Dabbling Speechie, about one of my favorite apps. I thought I'd also post the info here to make sure you didn't miss it! 

Tap Roulette is a great free app that we've been using for a variety of activities in my Speech Room! The free app works by allowing students to place one finger on the screen. It then randomly selects one person by turning the screen red around it. 

As you can tell, this app will work for any speech or language goal. 

Here are a few ways I have used it!
1. Decide who will go first during a game.
2. Articulation: Each child says a word from their card deck and then put their finger on Tap Roulette. The student who wins gets one point.
3. Language: Students answer questions and if they complete it correctly they earn a chance play Tap Roulette. The student who wins earns one point!

It's a perfect app to use when you have an extra 5 minutes at the end of a session and is ideal for the busy SLP in the schools! Do you have any other ideas for Tap Roulette?