Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easter Artic {freebie included}

Have you looked at the calendar this year? Easter is actually in March (March 31st!)  While we don't directly talk about Easter at school, we do lots of EGGY activities. Easter signifies the beginning of Spring! Which not only excites the little ones, it excites me!! 

I've been using my seasonal articulation  from St. Patrick's Day so much already! I decided to make an 'Easter' version with these cute eggs! All the sets includes a egg matching activity as well as a game board version. This gives you lots of opportunity for play! 

My articulation packets are split by 'later sounds' and 'earlier sounds'.  Let's start with the later sounds packet. The huge packets includes 75 pages of articulation card games (hint: print them half size to save ink!) This later sounds pack features 384 color pictures, using smarty symbols, for S, L, TH, SH, CH, J, R, S blends, L blends. There are 12 cards in the initial, medial and final position for each sound. The R sound includes 12 prevocalic, and 12 of each vocalic /r/ sound in mixed positions. 

Not be left out, I have a set for the 'preschool' sounds too! 

The 'Earlier Sounds' packet features initial and final positions of P,B,M,K,G,T,D,F,V. The packet is 46 pages with 216 color pictures using Smarty Symbols. 

And now for that Freebie I promised you! 

I also pulled out the /k/ sounds so you can have them as a preview of the activity! Perfect to send home for practice with any kiddos working on /k/. 

You can find both packets in my TPT Store. Early Sounds here and Later Sounds here.  Grab the Freebie here.

Try out the Freebie and let me know if you love the eggs as much as me! Leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner to get a copy of whichever set you want!