Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Resources and Honors

The week before spring break is always a doozy. I am swamped in IEPs/IATs/ETMs. I know you've been there. Or maybe you are there with me now!

Imagine what a pick-me-up it was to get an email telling my SRN was named one of the top 25 Education Blogs for 2013. I'm totally excited and honored!!! 

Thanks to Education World Community for recognizing me, and therefore SLPs all over the country, for our contribution to education! Click the picture above to go check out the entire list! 

The other big news around the farm is that I created a new resource list. Look up at the links across the top of the blog and you will find the SLP Blogs & Websites Resource List.  If I missed you on the list, just comment on THAT POST. I hope you will find it useful!

Happy Tuesday!