Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ring Bling {product review}

We've been blinged out in my speech room for a bit now. I thought it was high time I shared this bling with you! No, no big rubies on this SLP budget, just Super Duper's new game  Ring Bling

In a nutshell, ring bling is a game for collecting rings! Each student (up to 4, with the option to buy extra hands). 

There are several suggested ways to play, but in the most direct game, students spin the included spinner and collect rings that feature gems, dinosaurs and sports. 

Gathering 'things' is always motivating and these ringers were no different! 

The game features 50 following directions cards including one step, temporal and conditional. The game includes 50 rings and 4 hands. 

Pros: I cant believe how much the kids love it! I have used it with kids ages 3-8. The girls and boys alike love it! It's a wonderful reinforcer for any speech and language learning target. 

Cons: 50 following directions is pretty wimpy. My group of 2 preschoolers ran through them in a single game. I wish the game came with lots of card options (like Granny's Candies). I also already had a ring break in the first week. Hopefully the rest of them hold up! 

You can find Ring Bling current listed for $29.99 at Super Duper. Have you given it a try?

Disclosure Statement: Super Duper provided me with a copy of this product for review.