Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Social Problem Solving {App Review Roundup}

 Have you been keeping up as Super Duper Pub. publishes their Fun Decks as apps? I went through my list to see which ones I didn't have yet, and noticed I was missing many of the social problem solving apps! The apps reviewed here are a combination of WH question and problem solving apps. I even threw in a following directions activity because it works on some of the same receptive language skills!

SD has added more and more features in its recent updates. Most notably: the ability to keep data after a game is ended.

What Would You Do At School If....

(2.99) This card deck includes 56 illustrated picture flash cards. Each card presents a scenario. The student must answer what he/she would do in these situations! Cards include, "What would you do if you needed to go to the bathroom during a test? and What would you do if during class, a friend wanted you to pass notes for him?"

What Would You Do At Home if...

(2.99) This card deck includes 56 question probes. Students are presented with social situations and make decisions about how to handle situations that would happen in the home.

Following Directions

($2.99) This activity features 52 cards, with single step directions. This app is perfect for young students. If you combine multiple cards you can add temporal concepts and multi-step directions.

(2.99) Includes 56 cards and the ability to track data. A variety of school based questions are included (Who is your principal? When does school dismiss?) 

WH Questions at Home

($2.99) The 56 cards in this app target WH questions that include household topics. Each student looks at an illustration on the screen and either reads the prompt or touches the screen to listen to the prompt. The student gives a verbal response. The clinician then taps the green or red button to score the student's verbal response.

The bottom line...

Pros: The new data collection is much more up to par with other SLP apps. I think the price is unbeatable for valuable clinic tools. Having everything on the ipad just make life easier to travel, even down the hall!

Cons: I wish the decks included NEW cards, not just repeats of the tangible product. It's an opportunity for updates materials that my students haven't already seen.

Disclosure statement: Super Duper provided copies of the included apps for review. No other compensation was provided.