Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Carrotville: Spring Grammar Games

I've been living in Carrotville for a few weeks now. No, that doesn't mean I'm on some weird juice diet where I eat only carrots. It just means I found this amazing spring clipart and have been working on this spring grammar activity. Pack your bags and head to Carrotville

This 30 page download features Carrotville, a nice little town where bunnies live and play. It features homes, apartments, a grocery store and even a bunny barbershop! 

The activities center around the Carrotville board game. Two ways to play are included. The first option features specific skill development, while the second features carryover of grammar skills by targeting mixed stimulus cards.


Game point and score cards are included.  Each type of building corresponds to a grammar activity to complete. When students land on a building they answer the corresponding questions.

•Subjective & Possessive Pronouns (24 multiple choice)
•Irregular Plurals (18 sentence completion)
•Irregular Verbs (18 multiple choice)
•Helping Verbs (24 fill in is/are/has/have)
•3rdPerson Singular (18 multiple choice)
•Special Cards (12 includes)



I finally got this one laminated to test it out before sharing it with you this week. The kids thought Carrotville was hilarious! Here are some shots from our game! 

You can find the full download in my TPT Store! Let me know if you download it! Leave a comment below if you'd like to win a copy and I'll pick a winner later this week!