Friday, March 1, 2013

New TpT Features! {a tutorial}

Have you been on TpT since they launches the updates? I just wanted to show you the best feature I have found so far!

You can now search by 'Speech Therapy' materials. FINALLY! 

Here are the details. Start on the home page
 On the left hand side look for the 'subject' heading and then hover over 'specialty' (because we're special!)

 When you hover over 'speciality' this tan box opens. Scan the right and look for 'speech therapy'.

When you select Speech Therapy, you will see your search constraints on the left side. The automatic sort gives you items based on positive ratings. There you can see what other SLPs have bought and rated the most positive. ((Thanks for rating SRN activities up there in the top of the items!))

If you don't want to search by rating you can change that drop down box to sort by price, alphabetical, or most recently posted.

But don't stop there! You can narrow your search even more! Look to the left hand side and now you can see sorting within the Speech Therapy section by grade. I selected preschool and you can see my CandyLand cards and Hot Chocolate Categories are rated the highest SLP preschool materials.

Let's say you are only looking for freebies. Or products under $5. There's a search option for that! Under 'prices' select what you are looking for. I chose 'free' for this option. You can see that my Hungry Caterpillar and Whack A Sound /s/ downloads are the highest rated free preschool items in the SLP category.

I love that this can help us narrow our search for amazing materials. And it shows you how important leaving feedback is! Other SLPs will want to be able to find the best materials with a quick search.

What do you think? Will the search bars help you find materials more easily, with the ever growing market of SLPs on TpT?