Friday, October 26, 2012

Election & Presidential Language

I live in Ohio. In case you haven't heard. We're kind of a big deal in early November! Next week some of my elementary kids will be expected to participate in discussions about the elections. This will be so difficult for some of my friends! Especially with the abstract concepts!

This 9 page vocabulary set, is made to target 14 election and government vocabulary targets. 

Students use the 'Electionary' (such a cute term! borrowed it from Time or Kids). Go over the new terms with the students. Use drawing, modeling and acting to make the terms more concrete. 

In the first game, receptive comprehension of the vocabulary is targeted. Each game card has a sentence with a fill-in-the-blank. 

The second game, targets expressive language. Each vocabulary card is on the cards. Use the word in a sentence or give a definition. 

Throughout the game, look for the 'elected President' cards. These will give you one extra turn!

I made these with my 3rd-5th graders in mind, and they should be appropriate on into the intermediate grades too!

Find the download on my TPT Store!

The week after the election is a great patriotic holiday. Veteran's day in November 11, 2012. I'll use this  election along with my presidential listening comprehension activity to talk about our country and Veteran's day.

The Presidential Listening Comprehension is a 7 page document containing 23 presidential cards. 

Students take turns drawing president cards. They have the SLP read the card to them. Each non-fiction card has basic and interesting facts about the presidents. 

23 different presidents from a variety of time frames are highlighted. From Washington to Obama. 

The task cards each display the presidential seal and one task. Students answer WHO, WHAT or WHEN questions about the information presented on each president. If they draw a detail card, they need to independently recall one or two details from the text.

This activity is available in my TPT Store!

Leave a comment with how you're working on election vocab or plan to celebrate Veteran's day! And if you leave a political comment, it will be deleted! We have plenty of ads here in the buckeye state.