Monday, October 22, 2012

Tense Builder {review & giveaway}

Tense Builder is the newest app in the line from the Mobile Education Store. All the apps Kyle develops are stellar and I couldn't wait to test this one out. I've had in on my ipad for a few weeks and wanted to share a review with you today.

Tense Builder is like YouTube for the Speech Room. The video factor had my groups eagerly grabbing for their turn at the app.

So what do you get for the $14.99 app? 42 verbs are targeted (with an expansion planned).  Each of the verbs includes the video clip to demonstrate past, present or future tasks. The movie clips are perfectly suited for our young ones. They use humor and portray age appropriate animations.

One of things I love best about this app is the positive benefit for our students on the spectrum. Several of my youngster have benefitted from practicing verbs while seeing it happen rather than looking at a 'photo' of a verb. A verb is an action after all!

Each video demonstrates the tenses and then prompts to the student to pick a picture that matches the tense demonstrated. For example in the photo above, The child is prompted to identify which picture shows the man WILL FINISH the painting. After the student identifies the correct image, an expressive task is presented. Students use the verb form in a sentence to complete the task. 

The clinician has control of which verbs are targeted, with the ability to focus on just one tense. Data collection is easily emailed or saved to the device

The Mobile Education Store wants to give one copy of Tense Builder to a lucky Speech Room News Follower. Enter in the rafflecopter below! To keep up on all the latest news join the Mobile Education Newsletter

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